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Reach more potential renters by listing with us.  We will post photo's of your rentals in our galleries, giving customers a look inside.   Each posting will include the details of each rental along with rental prices.
At Barnesville Rentals, LLC, we provide full service property management, from applications to closeouts, with turn key.  We take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.​You can depend on Barnesville Rentals Agents to take the best care of your rental properties. 
Barnesville Rentals Management incudes a variety of services, including tenant checks, account ledgers, work orders, balance sheets, leases, final move out inspections, and court hearings.
Relieve the tension and stress of managing your properties, let us become your tenant's first call with rental issues.   We will provide customer service to your tenants and handle any property related issues they may encounter.  Upon your approval, we will enlist professional's to clean and/or repair your rentals as needed.  Never lift a finger again!
No more emergency calls in the middle of the night.  Sleep soundly, knowing your rental agent is providing round the clock rental assistance to your tenants.  Barnesville Rental's Agents will respond 24/7 to emergencies only, all other non-emergency related issues will be handled during office hours.